Hello there and welcome to our website! ... My name is Christian and this is our story ...

 I have been working with video since my teenage years - studying Electronic Media at college before specialising in Film production at university.

Over the past 15 years I have racked up experience in different areas of videography and photography including weddings, business & corporate shoots, theatre, screenwriting, sporting events, promotional content, charity productions and more ... I am never happier and more content than when I am in creative control of a situation and to be able to have so much fun doing what I do for a living while bringing others joy too - whether it be in the form of a timeless wedding film, a special family photograph or helping a business achieve their goals through my work - is a blessing to me and something I am massively thankful for.

After years of freelance work, Cassidy Storytelling as it is today was born in spring 2017 and the goal for me and my team is to become the personal storyteller for you and your family by shooting, editing and immortalising your most important and precious moments into professional, high quality photos and videos that you can share with the world and keep forever. 


Whether you invite us to tell just one chapter of your story, or multiple chapters throughout your life as you and your family grow - all of the photos we take and footage we film is catalogued and kept forever - the footage we film at your wedding or birthday will be available to use again for your children's wedding film or a family event in the future - through our work, your family's story will be immortalised in film and song.

That is what Cassidy Storytelling is all about.

There are no limits to what we can work with you on, but below is a list of just some of the services we offer -


  • Full professional filming and photography packages, editing and creation of content for important days and events (Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings etc.)

  • Video and photography location and studio shoots.

  • Preludes and trailers, edited together from your own library of video footage and images, for use on the day of your wedding, birthday or other life events.

  • Video montages of loved ones who have passed away, for use at wakes, memorials or for the family to cherish and remember.

  • Workplace & corporate events filming and content production.

  • .Social Media content creation

  • Content & ghostwriting for your business

  • Travel photography & videography.

  •  Any other event you wish us to attend and film, photograph or create content for.

Your life is your story, We'll help you to tell it.

Our Story

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Registered Office: 153 Kennedy Gardens, Billingham, Durham, TS23 3RJ

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