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Welcome to Cassidy Storytelling! ... My name is Christian and this is my story ...














Born and raised in North Yorkshire, UK, I grew up mesmerised with stories and fairytales of fantasy & magic, knights & dragons, kings & castles! - I have so many fond memories of my childhood and the worlds I used to  imagine, create and play in. I carried this wonder and the creativity that comes along with it into my adult years and have always known that I wanted to create, tell and re-tell stories in any shape or form I could for a living.




With a passion for art, history and travel, I wanted to find a career that could offer me an avenue to combine all of this together, so I spent two years studying Electronic Media at college, covering creative arenas such as animation, photography and video production before specialising in film production for three years at university.

Since then I have created content for weddings, business & corporate shoots, theatre, screenwriting, sporting events, promotional content, charity productions and more - I am never happier than when I am in creative control of a situation and to be able to have so much fun doing what I do for a living while bringing others joy too - whether it be in the form of a timeless wedding film, a special family photograph or helping a business achieve their goals through my work - is a blessing to me and something I am massively thankful for.


Cassidy Storytelling as it is today was born in spring 2017 with the goal of enabling me to become the storyteller for you and your family by shooting, editing and immortalising your most important and precious moments in image, film and song - giving you the ability to share your stories with the world and remember them forever. As of 2024 I have shot over 230 weddings across the world, covering all corners of the UK & Ireland as well as destination weddings in countries and cities such as New York, Amsterdam, Cyprus and Italy.

Every story I tell becomes a part of my own, and so through helping you to tell your stories, I write my own legacy.


That is what Cassidy Storytelling is all about.


Please take a look around my website to see examples of my work, find information on the different packages I offer and have a scroll through over 100 reviews and recommendations from previous couples below.

If you would like to find out more and see what my team and I can do for your wedding, please get in touch using the contact form today and I will get back to you very soon!



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